WDM Video Capture Driver
for Bt848 / Bt849 / Bt878 & Bt879 Chipsets.

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WDM Video Capture Driver

The current driver is a Video Capture driver for Bt848, Bt849, Bt878 and Bt879 based video capture boards. It tries to take the most of the hardware, using all the features the chipset has to offer. It is also implemented as a WDM driver, so the same driver works under Win2000, Win98SE, WinXP and WinMe without modifications.

This is a total rewrite of the reference drivers so I was able to solve some of the main problems it had, such as to support quite a bit more capture cards, make NetMeeting work with it, add lots of analog video standards, make it more stable, improve ACPI support, hibernate, AVI capture, frame size, FM and AM radio for those cards that have it, lower the CPU usage, support hardware overlay flipping, etc... Take a look at the source code to see if you can recognize it as the reference driver it was!

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