WDM Video Capture Driver
for Bt848 / Bt849 / Bt878 & Bt879 Chipsets.

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Comments, suggestions, patchs , success stories, are very welcome. If you have some hardware info about the unsupported Bt8xx based capture cards, Or how to autodetect a non-autodetected card, send them.

Please Be sure to read all the FAQ to make sure your question is not already answered there before mailing yours, because due to the huge amount of mails i am receiving , i first answer all the questions that are not answered in the FAQ, and then, if time allows, all the other ones. Don't worry: All mails are read.

Also, first try to post your problem to the public forums devoted to this driver you can find on the sourceforge site , perhaps some users of the btwincap driver already have the answer or have found the solution to the problems you could be experiencing...

Be sure, if you do mail me, at least, mention the driver version you are using and the OS you are using (WinME, Win98Se, Win2000 or WinXP). Else, I won't be able to help you. Keep in mind that I just own one of the supported cards (an Aimlabs VHX), so, the information you are giving me is the only thing i can use to try to add support to unknown cards and fix bugs you find. So, if in doubt, just send all the information you can collect - And just a quick note: Your card drivers are useless to me.

Now, if you need support for a new card, or audio selection is not working with your card, you can use the Custom card template option of the driver to make your card work with the driver. The only requirement is that it is a Bt848/Bt878 based card, you have the original drivers and applications bundled with your card (for Win95/Win98/WinMe), and you have a working copy of Win95/98/Me. Please read that section and try to create a custom template before asking for support for a new card. I can't add support for your card if you don't have the technical details needed and/or i don't own that piece of hardware.

Regarding the IR controls some cards do have, if yours seems not to be working (try Girder to test it), you can , using the btspy tool "Peeker" tool, try to determine the GPOE and GPDATA values for each key of the IR control, and , also note if the key value remains there even if you release the key, or if the value depends on the key pressed or depressed. Please do not ask me to add support for a new IR control if you don't have the above information. I simply can't do it without at least that information.

If you still want to mail me, send it to:

Main programmer: Eduardo Josť Tagle. (my email).


If you are a programmer, and know how to improve this software, or how to fix a bug, fix a limitation, add support for a new card, etc. please, DON'T even DOUBT to contact me. It will be better if you send Patchs, but any kind of feedback is welcome. All the community will benefit from this! If you send patchs,make sure to apply then to the lastest source code available from the site, and don't forget to mark/label your changes. Be sure to tell me about what you have fixed, improved, etc. Remember: As this software is free, there is no warranty of any kind. Nevertheless, I hope it will work and will be useful to you.

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