WDM Video Capture Driver
for Bt848 / Bt849 / Bt878 & Bt879 Chipsets.

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  • You can capture at full framerate in full screen.
  • You can capture individual fields (this requires an application that uses the DirectShow API to capture video). Don't know if an app. that let you capture individual fields using DirectShow API already exists. Obviously, there exists lots of apps that let you capture full frames and video using DirectShow.
  • You can capture at any framerate you like : This is specially important for Video For Windows API based capture applications (As Adobe Premiere). This is a feature you won´t get normally with all the others (generic) WDM drivers
  • There is plenty of capture video formats (all supported by DirectShow and the hardware). For example, use YV12 for MPEG capture - Performance Boost!)
  • You can use all the newer/(faster) DirectShow capture applications . (I would recommend Ulead Media Studio Pro, or Ulead Visual Studio, as those can use this driver to capture full frame size/full rate mpeg2 video.
  • All the video capture programs will let you use the TV tuner as your source, and change channels inside them if you like.
  • AM/FM radio is supported, Just set TV tuner mode to RADIO!
  • You can use this driver under Win2000 and the brand new WinXP!
  • Driver is optimized for speed, so CPU requirements should be less than the original driver (VXD).
  • You can select different colorspaces/sizes independently for preview and capture (On well written DirectShow applications only). Even, if you capture at full frame sizes, but at a lower framerate than the maximum allowed, and with the same colorspace and size for preview and capture, you will get preview using all the frames not captured.
  • Driver stores your settings when you turn off the computer, so they will remain as you have left them the last time you used the driver (depends on the program being used, some programs overwrite those settings.)
  • All the videostandards the chipset supports are supported. Don't be surprised if you get a lot more than you were used to with your old driver. Even PAL NCombination (Used in Argentina), PAL60 and NTSC50 are supported. (PAL NC Requires a Bt848A or better, PAL60 and NTSC50 requires a Bt878 or better)
  • You should be able to get closed captioning (Untested)
  • You can turn on Gamma correction (chipset supports this) to achieve a very improved image in your monitor (it only works with the RGB colorspaces)
  • You can do a (sort of) white balance control on the captured image.
  • You can control hue, contrast, brightness, saturation.
  • You can control Sharpness of the image (very useful to get rid of video noise that goes against video compression quality.
  • You can select the region of the screen to capture. (DirectShow offers this API, so programs using it can set it, if this was taken into account)
  • You can use NetMeeting to do video conference. There is one thing about it: You must select Video Source before launching NetMeeting from another video Capture program.
  • You can use Adobe Premiere! (This one uses the VFW API).
  • And you, as a programmer, can set and get, using DirectShow API, all driver parameters programmatically, using the standarized and documented API offered by DirectShow.
  • Power management of the chip is implemented. While you don't use Chip is in low power mode.
  • The driver takes into consideration the videonorm selected, to avoid field reversal, a very common problem all the users of these boards face everyday.
  • Now, in PAL-NC, you can capture and preview at 756x576 (This is the highest resolution we can get from the chipset in PAL-NC). This will allow to see TV properly (no distorted image anymore!)
  • You can try to use the TV tuner audio circuit to try to tune FM radio (for those of you that can´t tune FM radio with your card.) FM will be FM mono but should work (do not expect a good quality)
  • You can now capture/preview digital video, if your card has one of those connectors
  • Maybe even more features... Several months of development have made me not to remember now all the things I have added to the driver.. Enjoy!
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