WDM Video Capture Driver
for Bt848 / Bt849 / Bt878 & Bt879 Chipsets.

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As you could realize by now, to write this piece of software has taken more than 6 months of very hard work , and then, more than 2 extra years just to do the fine tuning of the driver you are enjoying right now. This has involved lots of sacrifices... Most of those were related to my own spare time... But i have to say i did enjoy each and every phase of this project. User feedback, though sometimes annoying and frustrating, was an invaluable tool. This was probably the most complex program i have written... specially taking into account the incomplete, and sometimes misleading, documentation Microsoft wrote regarding driver development; Add to it that i don't neither own nor have access to most of the hardware this driver is supporting right now...!. But i have reached the limit... My own limit.
This driver was written following a modular approach that allows me to test most modules independently from the other ones. But, sometimes, i had to support a feature a specific card had, and i simply could not get the hardware to test the associated module. That led me to write several modules by just reading the chip datasheets, without being able to test the module itself. Despite all the above, most of those modules actually seem to be working pretty well right now, according to reports some users sent me. But, sooner or later, a big problem will happen, a problem that to be solved will require to have actual access to the associated hardware. In fact, it has already happened: That's why some IR controllers of some specific cards are not supported at all. So, l, though btwincap will always remain free of charge and opensource, i have to face the fact that to continue improving it and/or add support for more cards/chipsets (such as the cx2388x), the only way is to devote even more time/resources to this project than the one i am actually taking apart for it - And a very important part of it is to buy more hardware to support it (the hardware) and test the driver/driver compatibility... So, any kind of help would be appreciated.
Obviouly, contributing pieces of code/patches to the current driver is very welcome, but if you can't do that, at least , please consider donating some money to the btwincap cause. It could certainly help to improve the driver even more and fix those problems, and it would also help me to justify the time i am spending/will spend on this project...
As i said, I do enjoy improving the driver, but that money would let me spend even more time on it, instead of on other paid projects not opensourced. Just 1US$ from each btwincap user would simply allow me to keep improving/fixing hardware support on a continued basis and would motivate me to speed up fixng errors and adding new driver features (not to mention that being able to buy hardware to support it would benefit all of you).
I really would appreciate your contribution to this project! - If you can't contribute code, at least, help me to continue supporting this effort. Also, you can donate hardware, but before sending it, mail me , as i need to know in advance about hardware Contribute to the Cause to be able to get them...

Thanks in advance for your contribution,

Eduardo José Tagle

PS: Just in case, i have been told that some of you believe i am backed by a big corporation or think i am part of a big group of software developers... That's not true at all. All this driver was written entirely by me (all the code has been rewritten from scratch, perhaps i have kept some class names from the original drivers Conexant wrote, but that's all that is left from those). Some people have contributed code to the driver (my personal gratitude to all of them!). I have usually mentioned them in the source code itself and in the changelog. But, the driver is still the result of just one person's continuous effort, with some small help of some skilled users/developers who also used their spare time to help.


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