WDM Video Capture Driver
for Bt848 / Bt849 / Bt878 & Bt879 Chipsets.

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MSP34xx support improved!, This release fixes all those problems experienced by users that have the MSP34xx audio decoder on their cards . No more silence or mono signals when sound is broadcasted in stereo!

Multiple card support!, This release fixes all those problems experienced by users that have more than one Bt8x8 chip on their PCI bus of their computer. It also allows to set a cropping region so you capture only the video area you want!

Compatibility!, This release tries to solve some compatibility issues... Dscaler compatibility and YV12 colorspace compatibility. I must acknowledge all the people who have contributed their time to fix that problem! - Thanks you all!

Back for good!, Finally, i found the bug that caused VIDEOINFOHEADER2 formats not to be working, and another bug that caused the applications to crash if too much capture formats where supplied by the driver. Now , the driver is able to capture by field instead of by frames... And it also allows to pick the user lots of colorspaces instead of the previous 4! - This means a lot of flexibility for those applications that can use it, and also even more compatibility with existing video codecs. Also some misc. fixes to the I2C code.

Shutdown finally fixed!, Oops!; while you develop a driver, you tend to forget those small things such as the driver unloading process... Finally, i had time to check it, and found some bugs that were preventing users from shutting down windows properly... Now it is fixed. Errare humanun est.

ACPI compliant!, Now the driver follows all the guidelines supplied by Microsoft regarding ACPI support on kernel drivers; This should solve all the Hibernation problems some people are experiencing. It will also solve delays in startup caused by the driver!

Style XP look!, All programs were checked and fixed, using your suggestions. Now, a Custom card setting is supported. This feature allows the driver to work with virtually any Bt848/Bt878 based video capture card!!

Stereo Sound!, This time all the I2C driver code was revisited, and some bugs / strange behaviours are gone. This should help in autodetection, and makes windows start faster. Also tried to support TDA9874H. Hope it works!

Crash hunting!, This time all the driver code used to digitize video was rewritten, and all race conditions are gone! - Also, crashes should be gone, and general stability was greatly improved - Hope this will make it work under SMP machines, and work remarkably better! - Also added some compatibility settings to the advanced settings page of the installer: The required ones are normally autodetected, but you can try then if you are having crashes.

Believe it or not!, I have added Digital video in support to the driver. I am unable to test it. but the code is there! - Also Installer was rewritten to try to make it work better. Hope this helps all of you!

Finally, I have managed to track down and fix a race condition at the start and end of use of the driver that was causing all the capture programs to crash the whole OS at the start or end of those apps. So, hope this will fix those horribles crashes!

Good News! Finally, got it working under WinMe, WinXP, Win98SE and Win2000!!!! - Enjoy! : Thanks to all of you who have contributed in one or another way to the debugging and testing of the driver. I would like to hear of you, if it does work for you , or if it does not.

I have also added the ability to use a standard TV tuner (without FM radio support) , to try to tune FM Radio. It should work and you should get Mono FM radio! - It did work for me!

As we give credit to all the ones who have contributed to this achievement, we will also point as clearly as possible to all those anonymous (and not so) people who have contributed the bugs of Windows that makes programmer's life a nightmare. Yes, I am taking about Microsoft. Why don't they document the limits of their software ? - So , a nwe section was born: Microsoft Bugs. Blame them about all things that we had to take out to make the driver work: Seriously, I hope this will help driver programmers to avoid writing code that does not work by fault of one of them, and maybe, helping Microsoft to fix them.

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