WDM Video Capture Driver
for Bt848 / Bt849 / Bt878 & Bt879 Chipsets.

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Microsoft Bugs/Design flaws
  • Why do we have do use the hacks on WinHalEmu.cpp to access PCI config space ? Is there a documented way to do it ? - Even with Hal... fns ) that are supposed to be deprecated, it can't be done, 'cause those functions lock/reset computer under WinXP and Win2000, and they prevent driver to load under WinMe, and I suspect that they can make the driver SMP unsafe,
  • The AVI wrapper (VFWWDM32.DLL) assumes that the first format is a VIDEOINFOHEADER that describes the default size and format (colorspace) to use for the preview channel of the preview stream. This ,instead, should be configurable by the user. It also should let user pick the analog video standard to use. (It does not by now)
  • NetMeeting needs an KS_AnalogVideoNone analog video standard. The first format that has a KS_AnalogVideoNone is the one used, it must be a VIDEOINFOHEADER using RGB24 - Why didn't they allow us to use an other one or configure it? - Those restrictions hold true only for WebCams - So guess what we did to make it work ?
  • Why does VFWWDM wrapper wait between queries to KSPROPERTY_VIDEODECODER_STATUS the time specified as the settling time in KSPROPERTY_VIDEODECODER_CAPS? : This makes color settings appear not to be responding!!
  • The TVTuner dialog box provided by Microsoft is NOT sending KS_TUNER_TUNING_FINE to the driver, so the driver does NOT fine-tune channels /and it should, according to Microsoft specs, as the driver implements KS_STRATEGY_DRIVER_TUNES.
  • DirectShow does NOT pass the rcSource RECT to the driver, making it impossible to use a region of the video signal.
  • DirectShow always passes NTSC as the video standard for VBI capture... Why ?
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