WDM Video Capture Driver
for Bt848 / Bt849 / Bt878 & Bt879 Chipsets.

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You need
  • A Bt848, Bt848A, Bt849, Bt878, Bt879 based Video Capture board. -One of the listed boards ... But video adquisition should work even if the card is not in this list - In that case, you can try the other card entries to see if one of them works for you. Audio is harder to get, but it may even work!
  • A PCI 2.1 compliant motherboard. This is a requisite of the Chip, not of the driver, but some manufacturers don't tell you this. Sometimes , the chip may even work on a Non-compliant PCI bus. Note that most modern motherboards are PCI2.1 compliant.
  • At least, Win98 Second Edition, Windows Me, Win2000 or WinXP. Does NOT work under Win95 or Win98 first edition.
  • A VGA card that supports video overlay (If it is a 3D accelerator, probably supports this) if you want preview (This is a Microsoft requirement, I don't think it's really needed), maybe not.
  • To have installed DirectX8 would be a very good idea. (it really improves video capture for WDM drivers, and this driver is one of those). WinXP comes already with it.
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