WDM Video Capture Driver
for Bt848 / Bt849 / Bt878 & Bt879 Chipsets.

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Supported Cards:
  • Note that some cards are autodetected automatically, (Hauppauge, Miro, Pinnacle, and most bt878 based cards)
  • You should take into account that there are lots of cards absolutely compatibles with the above ones
  • And, some cards have their tuners autodetected (Miro, Pinnacle, Hauppauge, Flyvideo)
  • And finally, if your card isn't supported right now, but it is a Bt848/Bt878 based one, you can always create a custom card setup to make it work!


MIRO PCTV Hauppauge (bt848)
STB Intel
Diamond DTV2000 AVerMedia TVPhone
MATRIX-Vision MV-Delta Fly Video II (Bt848)
TurboTV Hauppauge (bt878 based)
MIRO PCTV pro ADS Technologies Channel Surfer TV
AVerMedia TVCapture 98 Aimslab Video Highway Xtreme (VHX)
Zoltrix TV-Max Pixelview PlayTV (bt878 based)
Leadtek WinView 601 AVEC Intercapture
LifeView FlyKit w/o Tuner CEI Raffles Card
Lucky Star Image World ConferenceTV Phoebe Tv Master + FM (CPH050)
Modular Technology MM205 PCTV, bt878 [many vendors] CPH05X/06X (bt878)
Terratec/Vobis TV-Boostar Newer Hauppauge WinCam (bt878)
MAXI TV Video PCI2 Terratec TerraTV+
Imagenation PXC200 FlyVideo 98
iProTV Intel Create and Share PCI
Terratec TerraTValue Leadtek WinFast 2000
Flyvideo 98 (LR50Q) / Chronos Video Shuttle II Flyvideo 98FM (LR50Q) / Typhoon TView TV/FM Tuner
PixelView PlayTV pro TView99 CPH06X
Pinnacle PCTV Studio/Rave STB2
AVerMedia TVPhone 98 ProVideo PV951
Little OnAir TV Sigma TVII-FM
MATRIX-Vision MV-Delta 2 Zoltrix Genie TV
Terratec TV/Radio+ Dynalink Magic TView
GV-BCTV3 Prolink PV-BT878P+4E / PixelView PlayTV PAK / Lenco MXTV-9578 CP
Eagle Wireless Capricorn2 (bt878A) Pinnacle PCTV Studio Pro
Typhoon TView RDS + FM Stereo / KNC1 TV Station RDS Lifetec LT 9415 TV (LR90 Rev.F)
BESTBUY Easy TV (CPH031) FlyVideo '98/FM
GrandTec 'Grand Video Capture' Phoebe TV Master Only (No FM) CPH060
TV Capturer (CPH03X) MM100PCTV
AG Electronics GMV1 BESTBUY Easy TV (bt878)
ATI TV-Wonder ATI TV-Wonder VE
FlyVideo 2000S Terratec TValueRadio
GV-BCTV4/PCI 3Dfx VoodooTV FM (Euro), VoodooTV 200 (USA)
Active Imaging AIMMS PV-BT878P+
Flyvideo 98EZ (capture only) Prolink PV-BT878P+9B (PlayTV Pro rev.9B FM+NICAM)
Sensoray 311 Generic Bt8xx (only video capture)
Conexant Bt878 NTSC XEVK Rockwell Bt878 NTSC XEVK
Conexant Foghorn NTSC/ATSC-A Conexant Foghorn NTSC/ATSC-B
Conexant Foghorn NTSC/ATSC-C RS BT Card
Tekram M205 (Only video) Generic Bt8xx based card without tuner
Generic Bt8xx based with 4 Composite ins FlyVideo 2000S with add-on board
Hoontech 878TV/FM KWorld TV878RF-PRO
Gallant InterVisionTV IV550 Mach TV 878
User Defined cards..  
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