WDM Video Capture Driver
for Bt848 / Bt849 / Bt878 & Bt879 Chipsets.

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Useful Links

www.morgan-multimedia.com They develop a very good software MJPEG codec... Check it out!

www.jpg.com They also develop and sell a very good software MJPEG encoder. It was the fastest, but nowadays perhaps the first one is faster.. I don't know

www.ulead.com for MPEG2 capture in realtime, using Ulead's Media Studio Pro , (or Visual Studio).

www.microsoft.com for their Windows media resource Kit.

www.divx.com for DivX video compressors (pretty fast and good one) (MPEG4).

www.virtualdub.org One of the most useful video processing utilities around

www.sourceforge.net Cool site of open-source projects. It hosts VirtualDub and dTV (A great TV app. with a realtiume deinterlacer)

www.corbis.net Home of a very intesting collection of digital pictures

www.iulab.com Home of a handy VCR program that lets you schedule video recordings as a home video recorder does. Very useful.

tuner.ixbt.com This is a site about TV tuners

asvzzz.narod.ru This site is the home of a capture and viewing app. with scheduler called FlyDS. It even allows to listen radio using driver!

www.tv-cards.com This is a site devoted entirely to TV tuner cards for the PC.

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