WDM Video Capture Driver
for Bt848 / Bt849 / Bt878 & Bt879 Chipsets.

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Before running the installer, you must have installed the old drivers of your card, or have listed the Video Capture card in Device Manager under Other Devices.. (A yellow question mark). You must also have your capture card installed inside your computer.

Start the installer. The first screen offers to Install the driver or to Uninstall ANY already installed driver associated with the Brooktree capture card. The last option should ONLY be used if you want to reinstall ANOTHER DIFFERENT DRIVER , it gets rid of all the old drivers associated to the Bt848/Bt878 , and it should be used if you want to reinstall the original driver that came with your board. You MUST NOT uninstall any driver to install this one.

Select Install option, then press the "Next" button. The licence agreement will be displayed. You should agree with those license terms to continue. Agree to the license and press "Next".

Now, the Main installation screen will be displayed, and , depending on your settings, the driver could be properly configured for your card. You should know that improper configuration settings will make the driver partially functional. Probably TV tuner and TV audio wonīt work as expected (if they work at all). Make sure you select the TV card model that is right for your capture board if you are asked to (just read the screen), and select the right TV tuner. If you don't know the TV tuner model, you will have to try until you find one of them that works with your card (if it does not work, you won't be able to switch TV channels).

So, the driver will try to autodetect the card model. If it displays a card name at the botton of the dialog, above the "Next" button, you can use the card "Autodetected" model setting. If it says you must pick a card model, you must do so. This is caused probably because your video capture card does not provide a reliable way to identify it (all the older Bt848 based cards have this problem, but nearly all new Bt878 based cards should be autodetected).

As said, you must also pick the Tuner model. This is important, because the wrong tuner type will probably make TV channel tuning impossible. You must be aware that on FlyVideo, AverMedia, Miro, Pinnacle , Voodoo and Hauppauge models, tuner model is autodetected, so, with those cards, you could let the driver autodetect it. For all the other capture cards you need to specify the correct tuner.

If you donīt know the correct tuner model, you can try to read the tuner model from the capture card itself (the aluminium box). If you canīt do that, you will have to use a trial and error method. I suggest that , in this case, you select a Phillips model based on the videonorm of your country. Remember that for Pal N Combination (Used in Argentina), you should select a NTSC tuner.

There are 3 checkboxes to check; the first one askes if there is a TDA9855 on board. You should leave it unchecked unless you have sound problems and you see/know that your card has one of those chips onboard.

The second one asks if your card has a FM tuner. Normally, you must check this if you were told your card was able to tune FM radio. Note that Miro, Pinnacle and VHX card owners MUST NOT check this. The driver knows about those special cards that need special parameters to work (because they can tune Radio, but using another specific tuner for that function).

The third checkbox, asks if you want to try to tune FM radio with the TV Tuner. This is possible for all cards that canīt normally tune FM Radio, but will give bad quality FM Mono. (Better to have it than not to have it).

Thatīs all, now press the "Next" button: The installation screen shows. Press "Install" button, and everything should be installed! - Good luck!


Some Cards That Have Other Names:

(Taken from "Cards" of bttv linux driver).

Some cards have different names, but are the same cards, so, check if yours is one of those cards:

CPH-Series (CPH050, ...)

Developed by TelSignal(?), OEMed by many vendors (Askey, Typhoon, Anubis, Dynalink)

Card series:

  • CPH01x: BT848 capture only
  • CPH03x: BT848
  • CPH05x: BT878 with FM
  • CPH06x: BT878 (w/o FM)
  • CPH07x: BT878 capture only

TV standards:

  • CPH0x0: NTSC-M/M
  • CPH0x1: PAL-B/G
  • CPH0x2: PAL-I/I
  • CPH0x3: PAL-D/K
  • CPH0x4: SECAM-L/L
  • CPH0x5: SECAM-B/G
  • CPH0x6: SECAM-D/K
  • CPH0x7: PAL-N/N
  • CPH0x8: PAL-B/H
  • CPH0x9: PAL-M/M

CPH03x was often sold as "TV capturer".


1) 878 cards can be identified by PCI Subsystem-ID:

  • 144f:3000 = CPH06x
  • 144F:3002 = CPH05x w/ FM
  • 144F:3005 = CPH06x_LC (w/o remote control)

2) The cards have a sticker with "CPH"-model on the back.

3) These cards have a number printed on the PCB just above the tuner metal box:

  • "80-CP2000300-x" = CPH03X
  • "80-CP2000500-x" = CPH05X
  • "80-CP2000600-x" = CPH06X / CPH06x_LC

Askey sells these cards as "Magic TView series", Brand "MagicXpress". Other OEM often call these "Tview", "TView99" or else.

Lifeview Flyvideo Series:

The naming of these series differs in time and space.


1) Some models can be identified by PCI subsystem ID:

  • 1852:1852 = Flyvideo 98 FM
  • 1851:1850 = Flyvideo 98
  • 1851:1851 = Flyvideo 98 EZ (capture only)

    2) There is a print on the PCB:

  • LR25 = Flyvideo (Zoran)
  • LR37 Rev.C = Capture only (ZR36120 + SAA7110)
  • LR50 Rev.Q = Flyvideo 98 (w/eeprom and PCI subsystem ID)
  • LR50 Rev.W = Flyvideo 98 (no eeprom)
  • LR51 Rev.E = Flyvideo 98 EZ (capture only)
  • LR90 = Flyvideo 2000 series
  • LR90 Rev.F = Lifetec/Medion LT 9815
  • LR97 = Flyvideo DVBS
  • "Flyvideo II" had been the name for the 848 cards, nowadays (in Germany) this name is re-used for LR50 Rev.W. The Lifeview website has even more names: Flyvideo III,2100, 3000,3100. These cards are sold by many OEMs too.
  • FlyVideo A2 = LR90 Rev.F (w/Remote, w/o FM, stereo TV by tda9821)

Typhoon TV card series:

These can be CPH, Flyvideo, Pixelview or KNC1 series. Typhoon is the brand of Anubis. Model 50680 got re-used, some model no. had different contents over time.


  • 50680 "TV Tuner PCI Pal BG"(old,red package)=can be CPH03x(bt848) or CPH06x(bt878)
  • 50680 "TV Tuner Pal BG" (blue package)= Pixelview PV-BT878P+ (Rev 9B)
  • 50681 "TV Tuner PCI Pal I" (variant of 50680)
  • 50682 "TView TV/FM Tuner Pal BG" = Flyvideo 98FM (LR50 Rev.Q)
  • Note: The package has a picture of CPH05x (which would be a real TView)
  • 50683 "TV Tuner PCI SECAM" (variant of 50680)
  • 50684 "TV Tuner Pal BG" = Pixelview 878TV (Rev.3D)
  • 50686 "TV Tuner" = KNC1 TV Station
  • 50687 "TV Tuner stereo" = KNC1 TV Station pro
  • 50688 "TV Tuner RDS" (black package) = KNC1 TV Station RDS
  • 50692 "TV/FM Tuner" (small PCB)
  • 50868 "TV/FM Tuner Pal I" (variant of 50682)
  • 50999 "TV/FM Tuner Secam" (variant of 50682)


  • Maxi TV Video 2 = LR50 Rev.Q (FI1216MF, PAL BG+SECAM)
  • Maxi TV Video 3 = CPH064 (PAL BG + SECAM)


  • Mentor TV card ("55-878TV-U1") = Pixelview 878TV(Rev.3F) (w/FM w/Remote)


  • Pixelview Play TV Pro:
  • PV-BT878P+rev.9B (Play TV Pro w/FM w/NICAM)
  • PV-BT878P+rev.8X
  • PV-BT878P+rev.4C (Play TV Pro)
  • PV-BT878P+rev.4E (Play TV Pak)
  • PV-BT878P+rev.2F
  • PV-BT878TV PixelView Play TV
  • PV-BT848P+


These are CPH series.


  • TV Master = CPH030 or CPH060
  • TV Master FM = CPH050


  • Video Wonder/Genius Internet Video Kit = LR37 Rev.C


  • VideoCap C205 (Bt848)
  • VideoCap C210 (Zoran+Philips)- Driver does not work with Zoran
  • CaptureTV M200 (ISA)- Driver does not work with ISA
  • CaptureTV M205 (Bt848)

Lucky Star

  • Image World Conference TV = LR50 Rev. Q


  • WinView 601 (Bt848)
  • WinView 610 (Zoran) - Driver does not work with Zoran
  • WinFast2000


  • TV-Station
  • TV-Station SE (+Software Bundle)
  • TV-Station pro (+TV stereo)
  • TV-Station FM (+Radio)
  • TV-Station RDS (+RDS)

PV951 cards:

These are sold as:

  • Boeder TV-FM Video Capture Card
  • Titanmedia Supervision TV-2400
  • Provideo PV951 TF
  • 3DeMon PV951
  • MediaForte TV-Vision PV951
  • Yoko PV951


  • TV Karte = LR50 Rev.S


  • Face To Face TV MAX (Bt848)


  • AVer FunTV Lite (ISA, AV3001 chipset)
  • AVerTV
  • AVerTV Stereo
  • AVerTV Studio (w/FM)
  • AVerMedia TV98 with Remote
  • AVerMedia TV/FM98 Stereo
  • AVerMedia TVCAM98
  • TVCapture (Bt848)
  • TVPhone (Bt848)
  • TVCapture98 (="AVerMedia TV98" in USA) (Bt878)
  • TVPhone98 (Bt878, w/FM)
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