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Q01: Why do I get a blue image in the preview window of Netmeeting?

Q02: When capturing video with VirtualDub (or another capture program), my computer seems to lock when video capture is finished. Why ? - I have Win98SE or WinMe.

Q03: When capturing/previewing video , the Overlay window does show no image. Whatīs happening with it ?

Q04: Why do I get an horizontally enlarged image in NTSC ?

Q05: Under the video capture/preview format settings of the video app. I am using, I can't get a resolution above 320x240 with YUY2, but i can get it with the other color formats... What could be wrong ?

Q06: can't select 768x576 in YUY2 with the codecs ...

Q07: Under the video capture/preview format settings of the video app. I am using, I get several times listed each Colorspace format (YUY2, YUYV, YV12, etc). Why?

Q08: When I start capturing video, no preview is shown. Why ?

Q09: I canīt select Mono/Stereo /SAP... Where is that option ?

Q10: I canīt compile the source code...

Q11: I cannot change TV channels, or the TV channel number displayed does not match the one I have specified. What could be wrong ?

Q12: I don't know the tuner brand installed on my capture board...

Q13: The driver seems to work with S-Video and/or Composite video input, but with the TV tuner, I see snow and I canīt change the TV Channel with the Video App. What could be wrong ?

Q14: The remote control of my card does not work any more...

Q15: Audio selection does not work ... Why ?

Q16: The old VFW apps. refuse to capture with the new driver

Q17: What is the purpose of the "Uninstall" option in your driver installer ?

Q18: I have reinstalled your drivers, and I now have picture color problem. What could be wrong now ?

Q19: I have installed your driver, but I only see one entry in the Device Manager, when ,with other drivers, I see 3. Is this right ?

Q20: I don't get any tuning device or sound capture device added in Device Manager when I install your driver, Is this right? How can the card work without control of the tuner?

Q21: I have installed your driver, but no audio driver is installed for the Bt878 audio part ... Is this right ?

Q22: I have WinXP installed, and I can't set the memory range used by the card !

Q23: I have Win98 First Edition, and the driver does not work!

Q24: Is AMCAP compatible with any WDM video capture ?

Q25: DScaler works with your driver, but other programs don't. What could be wrong ?

Q26: What program should i use to test/use the driver ?

Q27: The image displays in black&white... Help!

Q28: The image can be jittery, shakes back and forth, it's back and white, and it gets only have the image sometimes ...!

Q29: I don't get any colour in the picture!

Q30: I don't know exactly the analog video standard used in my country , How can I find out it ?

Q31: Audio does not work... Why ?

Q32: I have an STB card and I can't make audio work... Help!

Q33: Driver does not work, And I have a VIA chipset on my motherboard...

Q34: I have an SBLive! and I have a VIA chipset on my motherboard... The driver seems to to be working!

Q35: I have a VHX (Video Highway Xtreme) and radio does not work.

Q36: Image is too bright/dark using XXXX program, and I am unable to adjust it inside that program....

Q37: I have executed the installer, but nothing seems to happen!

Q38: I have a Dual CPU system, and when I install, or when i try to capture, system freezes, reboots, goes down. Is there anything I could do to try to fix it ?

Q39: The bottom lines of the image are black, or don't display properly, How can i fix it?

Q40: What is the purpose of the Smart Tee ?

Q41: I get an error when I try to select my Sound Card for Audio Capture. What can I do ?

Q42: I have a SB16 ASP, and AMCAP locks when i try to select the audio sources... Help!

Q43: I have a Bt8xx based video capture board , but it is not listed in the Supported Cards section... Will the driver work with my card ?

Q44: After installing your driver, the Tuner and Crossbar devices of the original drivers are still listed in the Device Manager... You are saying that you have combined 3 in one driver. Should I delete the crossbar, and tuner drivers, or leave them as they are ?

Q45: What is the difference between STB and STB2 and how can i find out which one i have? ?

Q46: Neither DScaler not your driver does work ... Help!

Q47: Your driver crashes when i start any video app. , and the original drivers of the card have exactly the same problem... Help!

That may help!

Q48: Do you know if Bt878 based boards (with your drivers) work in a dual-CPU computer?

Q49: What program can I use to watch TV with your drivers ?

Q50: How can I tune Radio ? - My board does support it!

Q51: After installing your driver, I have 1 or 2 wrong additional inputs (Video ParallelDigital In and/or Video Composite In) which should not be here with this board ...

Q52: The video Apps bundled with the card stopped working with your drivers...

Q53: I get only Mono sound from the TV tuner, but my card is Stereo capable...

Q54: Is there a way to make WinXP let me install VFW drivers for the card?

Q55: Driver or programs lose their settings between executions...

Q56: I am using XXX application, and the TV channel scan is not working at all!

Q57: DScaler does detect my card properly, but the installer does not...

Q58: I have a Zoran-based video capture card, and your driver doesn't seem to work...

Q59: I have a Bt829 video capture card(an AIW pro), and your driver doesn't seem to work...

Q60: I have downloaded your installer/your misc utilities, and I can't find the Installer or utilities executables...

Q61: Do you have the driver XXX for the hardware YYY for the OS ZZZ ?

Q62: I have been trying to build your driver from source code, but at some point the process fails...

Q63: I have this unsupported card based on the Bt8xx chipset (Bt848 or Bt878); Can you add support for it ?

Q64: Audio does not work, and I have selected/tried all the available cards of the list... Is there a way i could add support for my card?

Q65: After a reboot, or always, a get an scrambled video picture, and I have set the video standard properly! - What can I do ?

Q66: I can't select the video standard of the video capture card!

Q67: Is your driver compatible with the XXX software ?

Q68: I have a WinTV USB and your driver does not work...

Q69: After installation of the btWinCap drivers, Windows keeps trying to install a TV Tuner and/or a Crossbar device... Help!

Q70: When trying to install the btWinCap drivers, i get an "invalid data" or some other error and the driver is not installed (i see a yellow exclamation point for the device in Device Manager).. Help!

Q71: When trying to install the btWinCap drivers, the driver is installed, but the system still tries to install a TVTuner/Crossbar... Help!

Q72: The system reboots while trying to install a new driver for the bt8x8 hardware...!

Q73: Is there a way to use the bt8x8 to monitor all the video inputs at the same time... ? - I have a card that is supposed to do that and it ONLY and ONE bt8x8...!

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